Tuesday , July 5 2022

FilGoal | News Ultimate Living Africa – Minister of Sports and Fathi and Faithful Zakaria come to Tunisia to support Ahli


Only 90 minutes from the return of the cup and the celebration of Ahli in the ninth year.

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Al-Ahli 3-1 is a victory over Al-Ahli, and the Egyptian player has to avoid losing to Rades with two or more goals to secure the title.

Follow the game directly and minutes in a minute from here

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15:25 Al Ahli fans arrive at Carthage Airport to attend the meeting. The number is estimated at at least 2,000 fans.

15: 20 Ahmed Fathi and Mohammad Zakaria are coming to Tunisia to support the team against Esperanza.

15:15 Ashraf Sobhi heads the tournament in Tunisia and meets with club president Mahmoud El Khatib, Hani Abou Redda, president of the Egyptian federation, and Mohammed Kamel, chairman of the representative company.

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