Monday , September 26 2022

Goldman Sachs expects a decline in oil supply in the next decade


Directly: The Goldman Sachs analyst expects the lack of oil supplies over the next decade, as corporate sector investments are falling.

Michelle Della Vigna, head of natural resource research in the region of Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said on Friday that the next decade would see a real shortage of oil, with companies not allowing them to invest in future crude oil production.

"The desire to switch to low-carbon energy sources comes from a rise in oil prices, not falling," the CNBC analyst said.

Large international oil companies want to invest in low-carbon areas in the energy sector to get cleaner energy as a result of pressure from governments or investors.

Della Vigna explained that large oil companies have to watch only the sharp drop in carbon companies over the past five years to understand the change in investors' mood.

Analyst Goldman Sachs said oil prices will fall while major oil companies switch to gas production, stressing that companies with capital to invest in gas infrastructure will make the best use of it.

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