Monday , March 1 2021

Haifa Wehbe leads the Egyptian trend .. for this reason

The Sheikh Zayed Misdemeanor Court of Giza government handed down a prison sentence for five-year-old former Haifa Wehbe business director, with work and force, on charges of fraud and confiscation, and forcing him to pay civil indemnities, attorney’s fees and confiscate his money and all his property.

Wehbe said in a post on his Instagram page: “I express my gratitude, gratitude and gratitude to the excellent Egyptian judiciary, and this is one of the other cases awaiting verdict.”

The lawyer for the Lebanese artist, Yasser Kantoush, told Sky News Arabia that the court handed down its latest ruling “after it became clear to him, with conclusive evidence, the accuracy of the artist’s position , who proved through his lawsuit that he lied about everything claimed by his former labor manager. “.

He added that “the law will continue its course”, and that the sentence represents “a deterrent factor for everyone that he himself asked him to spread to others”..

This came after the evolution of the Wehbe case, in which she accused her former business director of having swindled her and seized her money.

The convict had filed an application in family court to prove his marriage to Wehbe, but his application was rejected for failing to present the original contracts..

The former business director’s name has been hijacked in recent months, after Wehbe accused him of “theft” in an official report that included crime no. 17766 of 2020, the First Division of the city of Nasr.

Wehbe accused him of unfairly obtaining £ 63 million from his property through a general power of attorney, which allowed him to deal with the amounts owed to him by producers, satellite channels and some party organizers..

There were many rumors about her emotional affection, and the convict posted several tweets and images confirming the existence of an emotional relationship, until this story ended in late 2019 after the production of the film. ” Ghosts of Europe “. ..

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