Monday , June 27 2022

Hisham: The King opened a series of development projects in Al-Kassim reflecting his interest in citizens in all regions


Citizen – Riyadh

Housing Minister Majid bin Abdullah Al-Hukil opened Wednesday the Scandinavian King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, which included 7 development projects in the Kassim region, which included 7 housing projects distributed to several provinces and centers in the region. I welcome his generous position of great support and his interest in providing all services to citizens in all regions and cities of the Kingdom.

A devotee visiting the Two Sacred Mosques in the Kashim region and launching these development projects reflects his personal interest and good referral to all government officials on the importance of providing all services to the people of this country. Based on his generous care and continuous monitoring to ensure everything that serves the nation and citizen and contributes to the achievement of further Renaissance, development and development.

Al-Hukail added that providing adequate housing for citizens and the reasons for a decent life is one of the priorities of the Custody of the Two Holy Mosques and confirmed that adequate housing for citizens is his personal concern through his permanent directives to the Ministry of Housing and Related Bodies. Sector and budgets adopted enormous, "stressing that the launching of these housing projects today extends his support to the Ministry of Housing issues in order to achieve their goals in providing suitable housing for the children of this country.

He pointed out that providing different and appropriate housing options is an important goal of the state trying to secure and overcome the obstacles that citizens face in obtaining the right apartments for them. He cited the launch of the Housing Program as one of the programs for achieving the vision of the Kingdom of 2030, in which 16 government agencies are involved in providing appropriate solutions to the housing and financial solution. As evidence of the state's decision to provide appropriate solutions for all citizens of the country.

On housing projects initiated by the guard of the two holy mosques in the Kashim region, the Minister of Housing explained that extending support to the guard of the Two Sacred Mosques, an important vital sector, indicating that it includes seven provinces in the region. The ministry cites the distribution of 894 housing units in Anaizi, Badaiiim, Bakiri, Al-Shamsi and Al-Shamasiiah. Projects include all services and public facilities, including mosques, green areas and gardens. Both Asphalt Lighting and others, in addition to assigning locations in each project to several government agencies to facilitate the implementation of government buildings in schools and health centers.

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