Thursday , July 7 2022

In Israel, there are 1,400 cases of smallpox registered since the beginning of 2018


The Israeli Ministry of Health has announced that more than 1,400 people have been infected with smallpox, more than half of them in Jerusalem since the beginning of 2018, and have died of a baby last week, believed to be infected with the goddesses.

Deputy Health Minister Itamar Grotto said on Wednesday that one in 1,000 non-immune people could die of smallpox if he struck pneumonia as a violent immune response from the body to fight rapidly spreading viruses.

"There is no cure for malignancies because it is a viral disease without antibiotics," he said. "If the patient's condition worsens, the only drug is to stay in the hospital, get the necessary body fluids, and rely on respirators so that the body can fight this disease. It does not happen, the patient dies.

The Israeli government mobilized Jewish rabbis, "rabbis", to encourage ultra-orthodox Orthodox Jews to immunize their children as the goddesses spread in their ranks.

In a related context, journalist Jedioth Ahronoth reported on Thursday evening that the elderly Rabins in the ultra-Orthodox community issued fatwa which considers the parents of the child who refrain from immunizing him as a killer.

Newspapers announced that a doctor working as a health director at the Maaiani Hishua hospital near Tel Aviv, called Haim Haim Breier, active in preventive medicine, is urging the rabbis to issue an advisory opinion.

Rabbi Iitzhak Zilberstein, who is considered religious authority over medical issues in Jewish law, has given fatwa that immunization against smallpox is mandatory and that anyone who refrains from performing "what is being saved" is considered a "blood savior". Fatvu was signed by a large number of old rabbis.

According to the website of Kikar Hishabat, which is close to Orthodox Jews, the origin of their abandonment from the vaccination of their children is due to the fatwa rabbis published in 2010 in connection with the swine flu vaccine, which occurred in 2009, when rabbis said they who died because of that they did not stay alive if they were two restaurants against him, so they should not be vaccinated.

Orthodox Jews have adopted this fetus to refrain from the vaccination of their children from smallpox.

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