Friday , May 20 2022

Learn about Shahinaz Taha's relationship with Shveikar


Two days ago, we left the world of Muhti Tasil Shahinase Taha, but Karim Sukar
Man of her daughter, Riham al-Deeb, announced the news a few days ago, and Wednesday will be held in the mosque
Marshal Tantawi at the fifth gathering in Al Ravda Hall at 18:00.

Shahinaz Taha is one of the artists of the beautiful time, known for several roles in works
Immortal like "Depart from Zuzu", "Funny beach" and "7 days in
Raj "and others.

Some rumors have recently spread out as the late artist Shahinaz Taha
She is the sister of the great artist of Switzerland, but Sweiker denied the news in the comments

Emphasizing that she did not approach her close or far, she is only an artist of the course, emphasizing it
Her sister, whose name is similar to actress, has never worked in art, and is married
From an engineer who now lives in America and has never entered the world of acting.

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