Tuesday , June 22 2021

Madonna “accused” of theft … an old photo revealed “scandal”

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported on its website on Friday that a twenty-year-old Australian girl claimed that Madonna (62) had her slim body on her face.

In May 2015, Madonna posted a photo showing her wearing “Joy Division” shorts and a tight skirt to promote her “The Rebel Heart” album.

The British newspaper says that the face of the image belongs to Madonna, no doubt, but the problem is that the body belongs to an Australian girl named Emilia Goldie (28 years old).

It was years before Emilia drew attention to the issue of the alleged theft, as she recently posted a video clip in which she talks about the incident.

The video went viral in the TikTok short video sharing app.

Madonna did not mention years ago the issue of interfering with the details of the image, who wrote a comment that accompanied her saying, “I look good.”

The Australian girl noticed that her body looked familiar to her until she discovered it was her body, she says.

He said he had tried to contact the American singer’s team without success.

He added that using her body as Madonna was the strangest thing that happened to her in life.

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