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"Monster", that surprised us how the image of the black hole was made


Here are the details of this news, "The monster", that surprised us about the image of the black hole

07:27 PM Saturday, April 13, 2019

I wrote: Shrook Ghoneim:
Mohammed Yahya, editor-in-chief of the Middle East research group, examines the first image taken by the black hole four days before it was published "of the needs that I like in our work. We have access to the information before it is announced ". Fun is the same as with all the new discoveries: while the magazine team meets, everyone is full of thoughts, how can this event be covered?

Eight days before the death of the German physicist Albert Einstein, a group of astronomers could prove one of their theories. Last April was an important event, a network of eight telescopes around the world was able to give us the first image of the black hole; a dark dark while it was surrounded by a halo of light similar to the flame, the hole surface of 40,000 million kilometers or three times the size of the earth. "Monster".


Why is the image of the black hole a historical event? One of the researchers in the team that produced the image stopped at the press conference to say how difficult it is, as if you were living in New York and looking at your naked eye without any help, see the written story of a fourth part of another who lives in the county of California.
"When we imagine we need a telescope of the size of the earth," Yahya describes how the idea seemed impossible, but a twenty-year-old investigator three years ago made it possible. When the computer scientist Katie Bowman developed a computer program that related eight telescopes called "Event Horizon", it was the first image of the black hole.


Last Wednesday, the black hole, which is about 500 billion kilometers from the Earth, was just a theory; It is supposed to be the place where the big stars die at its threshold, the black hole embraces the star and reduces itself and becomes too big in a narrow space. Nour Jawaah, and Tani's second reason is hard to imagine.

More than ten years in the scientific press, Yahya has lived at a relevant time: the same scientists have made powerful discoveries, which is remembered when "Hozz" was seen 30 years after Peter Higgs predicted his existence. "If we had no theories, they would have changed," explains the executive editor of the Nature group. "But, for example, it was revealed in spite of its importance, but a wide echo echoes in our black hole."

He then reactivated other events that revolutionized the medical world, such as the discovery of Crisper Cass 9, a technique whereby nothing can be released "for a discovery equivalent to the discovery, for example, of antibiotics." This technique breaks a gene of DNA, If the gene is limited to insulin bifers, the technique consists of breaking the gene and replacing it with an effective T cell that can secret the insulin and, for So much, treat it with sugar. For example, in a variety of cancer diseases, it will be treated the same way. "Underground on Mars after decades of research.

"Every little thing is looking for a need to congratulate and take care of itself," explains Yahya of the joy that flooded him when Suvalde's drug was discovered to treat the virus C. The idea was that for the first time we had the cure of the virus and you would only start a new path in medicine. While we discover a cure for other viruses ".

But why these events happen without making noises like the image of the black hole? Yahya explains that the media in the press place a barrier between them and the reader in scientific matters, "he decides that he does not care or provides information that is dry and difficult," while continuing "unfortunately in the Arab world, the relationship of citizens with the Strict and narrow science at school, however, although science One of the most interesting and fascinating needs, a necessity closer to magic, but that it teaches in a dry way, so that the The relationship ends with the student in the school, or even with university students.

When the image of the black hole was published, the social media were so confused that it was second in most searches according to the "Google Indicators" site, Yahya believes that this has to do with the # 39; The existence of the black hole as a term in our lives. The discoveries we've talked about are a few who are aware of their importance and follow-up. "The comic was something in the matter." I consider it a great need, because it spreads the topic and approaches people, and although they are not necessarily scientific journals. "

"Whenever the method is resolved, you can apply it to other needs." This is what happened to the team that produced the first image of the black hole. "The team estimated the hole in the hole The black hole in the galaxy of the Milky Way Galaxy has not yet been released." The sun has sunk around a thousand six hundred times, and with Zeppelin's discoveries know new needs for the "origin of the universe".

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