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Natural drinks for people with diabetes, including "coffee and milk"

Today, November 14, the world celebrates the World Diabetes Day, celebrated by the World Health Organization (WHO), to raise awareness of the consequences of this disease, its symptoms and to strengthen the role of the family in managing and preventing care.

There are three types of Type I and Type II diabetes and gestational diabetes, and according to the International Diabetes Federation, over 425 million people are infected with the disease, especially type II, which can be prevented to a large extent through regular physical activity and healthy nutrition

Here are some natural juices and drinks that limit blood sugar, as the Indian website BOLD SKI light, known as:


Milk contains large amounts of calcium and minerals that reduce the blood pressure of the diabetic, as well as its ability to maintain the basic functions of the body.

Green tea:

Several previous medical studies have shown that green tea can reduce the incidence of diabetes, increase the rate of cracking, reduce blood pressure and contain antioxidants, making it one of the healthiest beverages for diabetics.


Coffee contains chlorogenic acid that deflects glucose uptake into the bloodstream, so a caffeinated coffee can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, especially in younger women and does not contain carbohydrate aggregates


Option contains large amounts of calcium, phosphorus, amino acids and some vitamins and minerals, making it a strong diet to reduce blood sugar levels, so it is advisable to eat too much, and it is desirable to use it as a juice to make full use of it.

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