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Photos Amory makes the suitcases out of the growing


That is true Omar Abdulrahman, USA player, "Amouri", in the Half-moon, a Mirkato this summer.

Amouri, 27, moved to Al Hilal last summer from Al Ain UAE only for one season, but was injured in the cross ligament last October.

Several media professionals have revealed that the Board of Directors of Al Hilal Club has decided not to renew the Amouri contract, which expires in August.

The media told Abdulaziz al-Zalal, through its Twitter Twitter site, which confirmed the news about the direction of the Half-Moon, not to renew with Emirati Omar Abdel Rahman the next season.

For his part, he wrote to the media Maan al-Quwaiy "Twitter": "Wosh again, do not appreciate talent … Thanks to Amori."

With regard to the media, Abdullah Al-Henian expressed his great sadness at the departure of Amouri in this way, although he preferred the Half-moon of the rest of the teams, a love in This entity and a recognition to your audience.

* Incredible scenes ..

After this confirmation of the departure of Amouri, there was an exciting hallucination on the reason for this sudden decision of Crescent management.

Fahmouri told the new Half Crescent administration, headed by Fahd bin Nafal, who agreed to reduce his salary and sign at any time he deems appropriate.

Al Hilal, a star of the UAE, denied the news that he had signed a three-year contract and refused to bid for a year.

In fact, Crescent's management was about to renew the Amouri contract, but after the news that the player could not return to his level after three wounds, he was forced to back down.

It should be noted that reports from the press reported that Amouri took two months to return to the stadium, but Youssef al-Ghaith, a friend of the UAE's star, completely denied it.

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