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Riham Said's girlfriend reveals the truth of her illness: "Melch's skin relationship"


Rania Amro, a friend of the media, posted an entry to the blog on Facebook and revealed the truth about the illness that affected Reham after the news websites circulated false news about his illness.

Rania said: "Please, excuse me not to answer the phone and the messages and thank you for your attention.
For people who want to clear up, Reham has a severe nose in the interior and is afraid to reach the eye and the brain. You need to have some relationship with the skin and have undergone a delicate process. Now he is subjected to intensive treatment and if there are no improvements that Htsafr God wants to ensure The right treatment and, if God wants, you will be safe. "

He added: "By correcting some wrong prostatic ones, the subject of a microbe on the skin leads to the fall of the skin is not true or the same Michael Jackson virus and the skin is falling and a serious illness and talk inspired by the imagination of some people.

She said: "Please, Blash, increase the speech and write the news that destroys a whole family. It means the news (the last test by Riham Said will be written before his death.) People do not He thinks that Reham has a mother, father, sisters and possible children who do not admit the news of her dress. I have been a journalist and have challenged any other need … Please pray for her with the back of the heart " .

She concluded: "Oh, God, the Lord of the people went down … heal the healing healing does not go out of the store … The Lord makes people call you and cure me crisis of love and return, if God wants it. "

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