Sunday , August 14 2022

Saudi markets: 204 million Riyal net purchases of Saudi last week … 632.05 million for foreigners


Arabian Business Egypt: The bay and foreign investors sought to sell Saudi stock market "Tadavul" on sale, during last week and ending on November 8, while Saudi shifts the trend of buying more.

Tadavul said in a weekly report released on Sunday that foreign investors recorded net sales of SAR 49.18 million and SAR 154.79 million for Gulf investors, compared with 203.97 million net purchases by investors from Saudi Arabia.

Foreign investors had a tendency to sell, despite qualified investors who recorded a net purchase of SAR 57.14 million.

The total foreign purchases last week reached 632.05 million Riyal, compared to sales of 681.22 million Riyals.

On the other hand, investors in the Gulf were net buyers of SAR 181.61 million last week, compared to 336.4 million traded sales.

As for investors from Saudi Arabia, they recorded a total purchase of 13.03 billion SRs, compared to a sold value of 12.83 billion SR.

Net acquisition of the company amounted to 1.28 billion riyals, compared with net sales of natural persons for 1.07 billion riyals.

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