Monday , May 16 2022

Sports news A number of Arab teams in the history of the African nation's unprecedented championship


The final in the fifth round of qualifications for the African National Cup in 2019 is over, and 13 teams are officially qualified for the Continental Contest, which next year is held by Cameroon.

The Arab teams scored a historic achievement in qualifying for the African Championship in 2019, after five teams qualified for the Continental Championships (Egypt, Tunisia, Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria)

The qualification of the five Arab teams for the African National Team is an unprecedented historic achievement for the Arabs at the continental championship. The largest number of Arab teams participated in one edition of the tournament, which is 4 teams and years 1998- 2000-2002-2004-2006-2008-2012-2017).

The Arab teams have a golden opportunity to increase the number of teams qualified for the African Cup in six teams, in case Libya wins the other team in Group E.

Libya is the third in group V with seven points and second with South Africa, who have nine points on their second qualification card after Nigeria finished its first qualifying round.

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