Saturday , August 20 2022

Tahir Mohammed Taher: I will not leave except with the consent of the contractor .. I want professionalism


Taher Mohammed Taher, a member of the Arab Performing Club, confirmed that he dreams of professionalism in the European League and ends his unfinished professional career, despite the increase in press reports, indicating his immediate move to Al Ahli.

During his comments on the Sports Channel, Taher said: "I spent the year of professionalism in the French league, but the experience did not last, it was only in French Le Havre and I certainly will not go to any club, except with the consent of the performer. "

"I still dream of returning to professionalism in Europe, now I am 21 years old and I have a lot of work, and I want to work with contractors in the coming period so I can continue to be with Egypt," he said.

Several press reports linked the name Tahir Mohammed Taher to move to Al-Ahli during the transition last summer and winter, in light of the Red Castle's desire to announce the strengthening of the team in January.

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