Wednesday , May 18 2022

The decision on the artistic age is a wrong idea


Nadia Al-Jundi: Judging an artist during his erroneous idea of ​​the Al-Fursan Network, quoting the sunrise, we announce Nadia El-Jundi: The trial of an artist with his age is the wrong idea Nadia El-Genda: to judge the artist with his age is a false idea. , Nadia Al-Jundi: Interpreting an artist of his age is not right.

Al-Forsan Netvork Artist Nadia Al-Jundi has confirmed that judging by the artist at his age is completely wrong because the real measure of the artist is not his age, shape or appearance, because talent is the basis.

She said in a press release on Thursday that the Hollywood artist has been working for the last breath, and she has a great moral motivation for the artist, saying that they do not care what is said about it, although she accepts criticism based on the topic and problem, rather than destruction devoted to defamation.

She explained that she is preparing to present the series and the film, their ideas are different and new to her and will begin to be implemented in the following period, saying: "The series talks about the importance of this issue, and the film is another idea and a new one" .

Nadia al-Jundi stressed that she does not want to reveal any details about these jobs, until they actually start to implement them.

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