Thursday , May 19 2022

The president of Nissan will be arrested for reducing salary data


Tokyo prosecutors interrogated President Nissan Motor Coa Carlos Ghosna and will be arrested on suspicion of cutting down wage data, the Japanese media reported on Monday.

The Asahi newspaper has posted on its website that prosecutors began to inspect the offices of Nissan and other locations today.

Ghosn, who gathers the positions of president and president of French Renault, will be arrested, NHK and Kiodo news agency reports.

Renault spokesman and Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi have so far failed to respond to calls and comments for comments.

Nissan Motor Manufacturing said today that Ghosn had used the company's own personal resources and that he had been exploring some of the possible inadequate Ghosn practices and managers of Greg Kelli for months.

Nissan also said that its board will propose the immediate removal of Ghosn from the post of president. The Tokyo Prosecutor's Office refuses to comment.

Renault's shares fell sharply in Paris, which is 5.5 percent in early trade, among the worst stock in Europe. Ghosn is a rare foreign CEO in Japan and is recognized for the latest change in Nissan after he was almost bankrupt.

Ghosn, Brazilian French originating in Lebanon, began his career at Michelin, France, and then relocated to Renault. Ghosn joined Nissan in 1999, after Renault bought a controlling stake in the company, which became its chief executive in 2001. Ghosn remained in that position until last year.

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