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Thus, the next three designs of the iPhone will appear in September


As we approach September, the rumors associated with the iPhone began to be more consistent. The latest infusion comes from the British Mobile Fun store, which has received three dolls that represent all the iPhone XS 2019, iPhone XS Max 2019 and iPhone XR 2019.

These dolls were made in China and incorporated the seminal designs of the three aforementioned smartphones. In the video above, you will see a quick comparison of the three models and the new design vision of the square-shaped camera units in these three smartphones.

Regardless of the design of the back, this new infusion also reveals that the three iPhone phones at the end of the year will have the same size as the three existing iPhone phones, despite the difference in design and number of cameras behind. To mention this, iPhone XS 2019 and iPhone XS Max 2019 will come with three cameras on the backend, while the iPhone XR 2019 will only have two cameras.

The other thing that is seen in these rear-view cameras is that they have a double rise. In addition to the box with the three cameras, it seems that Apple has decided to raise each lens above the already prominent box. This is an interesting design and we ask if Apple has decided to intentionally release the space behind the camera or if it is a purely aesthetic change. Of course, these dolls shown in the previous video do not reflect the final design of the next iPhone handsets later this year. In general, we will not have to wait too long before making sure that all the new Apple phones will be announced officially in early September.

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