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Use peanuts for a successful child


Now follow the theme of the benefits of peanuts for the success of the diet and written by Iasmin Amr – and now we go into the details

Mushrooms are areas that many want to eat along food dishes, as they work to open up their appetite and give food a better taste. It can be considered that these acidic hair can lead to weight gain because they are an appetizer, but many do not know that they can enter acidic areas in child-friendly programs. .

The importance of peanuts in the success of a child

Acid food is very useful when it comes to weight loss diet, for several reasons, including:

1 – Lubricants are very low calories because this does not increase weight and do not contain any amount of fat or cholesterol, which is stored in the body and lead to weight gain.

2 – The ovens contain a large amount of salt and thus a person drinks plenty of water to get rid of these salts and this is a good way to get rid of excess body weight, but beware of excessive intake of sour rice and high blood pressure patients as acidic ends are unhealthy For this category.

3 – The ovens contain a large amount of dietary fiber, which leads to feelings of satiety and work to eliminate appetite, so eating cucumbers before eating for half an hour is working to prevent appetite and this helps to get rid of excess body weight.

4 – The ovens contain enough nutritious ingredients that contain iron, calcium, folic acid and other essential elements that the body needs. Therefore, we prefer to include acid in diet programs.

Advantages of various cucumbers

There are many different advantages of peanuts of different types:

1 – sour peanut cucumber that provides the body with vitamin B 12 and helps kill bacteria and improves digestion, as well as peanuts useful for pregnant women.

2 – Squid, treated with cold and flu and increases the level of vision and works to relieve pain in the joints, and it damages the hair and reduces hair loss.

3. Karls mainly contain iron, potassium and calcium and all these elements are required by the body.

4 – The ovens contain a good amount of fat and carbohydrates, proteins and dietary fiber, and all these elements are also necessary for the body.

5 – Oven does not contain triglycerides and does not contain a percentage of bad cholesterol that is stored in the blood.

6 – Eating cucumbers protect the body from the incidence of anemia.

7. Pickle is a food that improves bone and promotes vision.

8 – Helps acids strengthen the immune system in the body.

9 – acidic food ends useful for those with disorders and poor digestion, as they work to regulate the digestive process in the stomach.

10. Peaks do not have any serious complications for patients in the liver.

11 – Squid are light food for the elderly, especially because they are easy to chew.

Acid damage

Despite the many benefits that are found in acids, but excessive intake leads to many problems for the body, including:

1 – Cheeses contain the amount of salt and vinegar, and this amount when they increase can cause problems in blood pressure if they are often treated.

2 – Modern foods that do not fit the colon patients because they lead to irritation.

3 – To increase the acid in the amount of toxin in the body for this must drink enough water after consuming the acid.

4 – increase the presence of protrusion in the abdomen.

5. Increase the chance for hemorrhoids.

6 – Increased addressing can lead to the presence of stomach ulcers.

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