Sunday , May 22 2022

Vaccines against the virus kill supernormal bacteria – Politics


ABU DHABI (Reuters) – Superhero bacteria or antibiotic-resistant bacteria are the main concern for doctors around the world, but a group of scientists have found an unexpected solution that could help remove bacteria,.
According to a new study, the virus
"Bacteria" is capable of eating bacteria. And get ready
Bacteria are the most common living organism on earth.
The virus is different from the "pathogen" for viruses that cause diseases such as influenza and ebola,
Because it does not harm people, but its role is limited
To "eat bacteria", according to the study
He published the daily Daili Mail,
British journalists reported yesterday.
But these viruses do not eat bacteria, and every bacteria eat a particular type of bacteria, so doctors design these treatments for each infection. At present, this method of treatment has been useful only in certain areas.
Critics of this method say that it is still less effective than regular antibiotics. Viruses quickly leave the system, so they are only a little ineffective.
Despite these criticisms, a pilot program at the University of California-USA has used bacteriostatic viruses to treat people who are not hoping for success in other ways, and scientists have already succeeded.

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