Saturday , April 17 2021

a box office manager charged with sexual assault

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Taipei (AFP)

Doze Niu, a Taiwanese filmmaker known on the island for his blockbuster achievements, was accused of sexually assaulting an employee who worked on his latest film "Pao Ma", the prosecutor said yesterday.

In a statement, the Taipei public prosecutor accuses Niu of trying to evade his responsibilities to "reduce his or her role or insinuate that women were partially responsible." He faces ten years in prison in case of conviction.

The alleged attack took place on November 24 at the director's house in Taipei after the departure of other guests. A friend had accompanied the alleged victim to the hospital before the complaint was lodged.

Dozé Niu denied these accusations in December. "I will do everything possible to cooperate with this investigation," he told reporters. "I trust that there will be a fair trial."

"But there is already a lawsuit pending before the public and I have already been sentenced to death," he said. "Doze Niu has died," he added.

Known for its ticket offices, Doze Niu is an old child actor turned into director. He achieved celibacy in 2010 with his movie "Monga", winner of two Golden Horse awards for Taiwanese cinema. The movie had raised $ 59.32 million (1.7 million euros) in revenue just one week after its theatrical release.

The filmmaker had nominated for himself in 2014 after being fined and suspended to bring a Chinese photographer to a Taiwanese naval base without authorization to search for his movie "Paradise in service."

Taiwan prohibits the entry of its military infrastructure to Chinese nationals.

Mainland China and Taiwan have been ruled by rival regimes since 1949, after a civil war between communists based in Beijing and nationalist refugees from the Kuomintang to Taipei. Beijing continues to consider Taiwan as an integral part of its territory that can be overthrown.

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