Saturday , October 16 2021

A disinfection operation was started in Kaolack

Kaolack, Oct. 10 (APS) – The Hygiene Service has launched a disinfection and awareness operation at Kaolack’s various religious homes to prevent diarrheal and parasitic diseases during the Mawlid scheduled for Oct. 19.

” As part of the gamou’s preparations, we are conducting technical operations that consist of doing intra-home aspirations. We will disinfect and disinfect the sites of Medina Baye and all the religious cities of Kaolack to significantly reduce anything that is conducive to diarrheal or parasitic diseases, ”said the head of Kaolack’s regional hygiene brigade, Captain El Hadji Niass .

“We will also do the showers so that at the level of the arteries of the city of Medina Baye we can reach all the places where there may be vectors or microbes,” Captain Niass added.

He assured that the implementation of the action plan of the Kaolack hygiene service for gamou coverage in Kaolack also consisted of conducting communication activities (home visits, interviews and talks at concessions and religious centers). to educate the population about the risks of disease.

Today we have mobilized 34 hygiene agents to take charge of this activity. All the religious houses in Kaolack are affected by our action plan. We have mobilized large logistical resources to facilitate the work of the elements of the hygiene service in order to carry out their activities with ease “, he said.

Captain Niasse said the food control work would be carried out in collaboration with the local trade service on the occasion of the Gamou.

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