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Alfa Blonde at the scene provokes controversy (video)


Presented as one of the most important figures of African reggae, Alpha Blondi took the microphone as soon as he returned from the pilgrimage to Mecca. On Tuesday night, the singer posted a photo on his Facebook page where we see him on the stage with a jacket and turban from Mecca on the head. A picture that has made many social networks reacted.

But what specifically provoked controversy was the " Jerusalem I love you He interpreted it. A tube that has nothing to do with music lovers has anything to do with Muslim religion. Since then, the video has recorded online reviews, mostly on facebook. Abdul Aziz Kabore, the surfer also suggested that Alpha Blondi stop singing because he returns from Mecca " In my opinion, I think you should stop singing when you come back from Mecca Alpha » He fell.

In mid-October, Alpha Blonde had great responsibility to illuminate the African evening of Parc de la Pepiniere in Nancy (eastern France). A challenge that could not intimidate this courageous supporter of planetary injustices. At 65, he is still militant, but the experience of a glowing life has calmed his words.

He now seeks harmony in presumed spirituality and repeats his vow of international peace in his spare time. As such, his last album, Human Race, is a call for a cordial understanding among the peoples of the world. It even goes so far as to adapt the rather classic rock band of British band Led Zeppelin, Celta Lotta Loveto express his desire for universal love.

On November 16th, Alfa Blondi performs at Bataclan, Paris, this theater scene that has brutally entered the history of France. It is being prepared with the faith and confidence of this meeting, which it hopes will be calm and collected. By calling with Turban Mecca and Singing " Jerusalem I love you Is not this desire to express the desire to restore peace and understanding between the Israeli and Palestinian people?

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Muzika: Alfa Blondi na outfitu provocira kontroverzu (video)

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