Monday , March 8 2021

ASSYSTEM: Signs a new contract with Rosatom for a nuclear power plant project in Turkey

Assystem signed a new contract with Akkuyu Nkleer, the company responsible for the development of the nuclear power plant Akkuyu, founded by Rosatom, Russia's international player in the nuclear technology market. Akkuyu Nkleer implements the project, including design, construction, operation, maintenance and dismantling.

Akkuyu will be the first nuclear power plant in Turkey and will include four generation generators of 3 + VVER 1200, for a total capacity of 4.8 gigawatts. Currently, the Russian side offers 100% of the financing of the project.

The contract between Assystem and Akkuyu Nkleer covers the supervision of critical infrastructure construction for the nuclear safety of the plant, and its implementation is planned for a period of 6 years. Assystem will supervise the inspection of all structures, systems and components during its construction and installation, to ensure that they comply with the fixed nuclear safety standards of TAEK.

Rosatom had recently concluded a contract with Assystem for the project to build a nuclear power plant in El Dabaa in Egypt. In addition, the Rosatom and Assystem group, through its Turkish subsidiary, Envy, are long-standing partners in the Akkuyu project.

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