Friday , August 12 2022

Attacks on Macka Sall and his management: Mimi calls opposition to the public debate


Coordinator of the mobilization and sponsorship unit of BBI Aminata Toure, known as "Mimi", who led the launch of the Disso platform on Saturday, calls on the opposition to participate in all public conferences that will be organized by the presidential wing. She urges opponents to agree to discuss the balance sheet of the President of the Republic with her debates so that "serene& # 39; & # 39 ;.

" We have a tendency to see in our floral false news. People who talk about issues that do not control or who voluntarily distort reality ", Condemns Mimi Toure, who likes the debate"goals, numbers against the number and fat of facts ".

The answer, in particular, to Ousmane Sonck, who invited Macky Salla and his ministers to a public hearing at a public conference on the launch of the book "Solutions for the new Senegal".

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