Thursday , October 28 2021

Bilal Hassani, strange idol and bearer of the French flag in Eurovision


With her wigs, her makeup, her fake look with Kim Kardashian, less curves, made in a few weeks a sensation on social networks, where she had to face a campaign of hatred .

"I am very proud to represent my country by 100%, despite the people who could tell me on the Internet that I did not represent in France," said the young man from Moroccan on Sunday night in France.

If he is opposed by his own way of self acceptance and rejects the classic codes of masculinity, through the indebtedness of the women's dressing room, affirming himself as a man, ignores those who doubt of the potential of an "Arab" with a wig. "

– "No in the codes" –

"It's still a fight today (to be accepted), there is a lot of hate, many things that could weaken, give me the impression that maybe I should stop, slow down and "self-censorship," he said.

His song "King" eclipsed confirmed singers such as Chimène Badi or Emmanuel Moire and won Saturday night, thanks to the votes of the "Destination Eurovision" audience, the show responsible for naming the French candidate for the final competition in May. Israel.

"I am not in the codes, it bothers a lot," sings Bilal Hassani in "King", co-author of the tandem Mrs. Sir, who came in the 13th Eurovision in 2018 with "Misericordia" (on the tragedy of migrants).

"Writing and creating this piece helped me a lot, it was really therapeutic," says the singer who says he does not want to "pay attention to hate".

"There are already more than 1,500 tweets insulting, discriminated against or threatening their sexual orientation and / or their appearance," said the collective Urgence Homophobie, who was associated with Stop Homophobia to sue "to all the people who insulted, discriminated or threatened" the young singer online.

His success is related to his extravagant personality (he speaks of "fabulity") and his positive messages.

"You should also know that, since the age of 9, I am a fan of Eurovision, both for the artistic and the symbolic question: all these cultures and differences that music brings together, there is a real magic in this great show, "Instagram says to his followers that he sneakly calls" my lives. "

"Roi" could be placed in Eurovision following the steps of France Gall and Marie Myriam, the last French winner in 1977. Seen over 6 million times, the clip shows Bilal, a short short-haired brown , before it says a few years later with a more worked aspect.

Passionate music and singers like Beyoncé, has taken from the infancy all kinds of singing and dancing lessons. At age 15, he appeared in season 2 of the television show "The Voice Kids" and stands out with his cover of "Rise Like A Phoenix", Conchita Wurst. A service in the form of a rebirth. It turns out shortly after YouTubeur: on the platform where your dumb "Bonjour Paris!" Popularizes, Surt, post make-up videos or covers of their idols. Everything with humor and sense of direction.

Noticed by Janet Jackson, awarded with an interview in the commercial magazine Billboard, Bilal Hassani will release his first album in the spring with the label Low Wood. Not yet 20 years old.

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