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Can Zariyano reconnect successfully? I PARIS TURF


Zariyano seems dangerous

Zariyano seems dangerous

This Thursday at the ParisLongchamp racecourse, which will host the Quinté +, will be sixteen competitors of 5 years and over, at the price of Ile de la Jatte. This event will take place on the average track for a distance of 2,000 meters, with a point of reference for disabled persons set at +21. We will release the nomination to number 8, Zariyano, which should not be far from the truth.

This beautiful seven year old horse, Zariyano (8-Stéphane Pasquier), it is still a good performance in the province about the distance that interests us. Without having played more events on this track since the end of 2015, his coach decided to return there taking advantage of the certain form of his border. This successful candidate continues from the beginning of the fifth to the fifth, with good results and deserves to find his day at this level. His mentor, Ludovic Gadbin, who decided to associate him again with Mickaël Forest, gives us his impressions:

" Although he failed for success, I enjoyed his last race because he found himself quite far in the course and concluded pleasantly. With this value, it is competitive, but its margin to weight is not good and it will have a favorable race course. Knowing that he was in a state very well. "

Octoking (2-Julien Augé), a competitor from southern France, has just won a handicap on the green carpet. Previously, he stood out at the level of the fifth during his 4 years and was represented last year on the podium of Listed in Vichy. At the middle level at the beginning of the season, it is now on the stock scale and can speak again at this level. You have already won your event this course and will be very comfortable on this track. His director, Ronny Martens, talks about his candidacy:

" Only benefited from the victory after the distance of Red Mountain we know the story … On this occasion, my horse showed us that we could always count on him, although he did not have much weight. Its shape is still in good condition and has already been featured in ParisLongchamp. We move with logical pretensions. "

To continue our selection, we will join Vilaro (6-Pierre-Charles Boudot), up and comfortable at the distance and in the racecourse of ParisLonchamp. In the freshness, he has a good card to play in this fifth.

Zoélola (16-Grégory Benoist), a pattern of regularity, multiplies the accesses from the beginning of the year and must continue its impetus, in the same way that Heir of a throne (14-Maxime Guyon), who starts off of the great disabled with ambitions.

Hout Bay (3-Mickaël Barzalona), known at this level, can claim a place, like Rebellious Lightning (1-Vincent Cheminaud), who has just returned to the hit and will have to overcome the penalty.

Savile Row (15-Mickael Forest), better and better, you can play spoilers in this event.

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