Saturday , August 13 2022

Christophe Maé talks about the longevity of his partner


As she prepares to tour France for her latest album “Ma vie d’artiste”, Christophe Maé entrusted her life as a couple with the professional dancer, Nadège Sarron. Together, they have spent seventeen years circling the perfect love.

Asked by our colleagues at the Paris-Normandy site, the singer revealed in the musical “Le Roi Soleil” in 2005 explains that it is necessary to cultivate such a long day-to-day relationship. Christophe Maé’s family life is a source of inspiration in his work. And it can be heard on his latest album where fans can hear the voices of his wife and his two boys.

“We are all artists. The baker who gets up at 4 in the morning, me, you … He’s doing his job. I, who am self-taught, write, do what I know how to do; but also to educate my children, to love my wife. Seventeen years together, which can be cultivated. We can also hear my family singing on this album, their presence reflects their importance in my life, “he emphasizes. “.

According to Christophe Maé, the secret of his partner’s longevity lies in his lifestyle as an artist which consists of moving away from the family home to get back better. “When he met me, I was already a mountain bank, on the road all the time, I did between two hundred and three hundred concerts a year in piano bars. Since then, I haven’t stopped, ”the singer confided to Gala in 2020. When he returns from tour, Christophe Maé claims to be“ one hundred percent available ”for his family. A balance that seems to have been demonstrated in the life of the singer.

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