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Cable companies have agreed with the CNRA to suspend each production activity until February 2019, in order to discuss the restoration of the sector together, revealed on Tuesday in Thiers president of the regulatory body, Babacar Diagne .
"We are surely focused on the sector's rehabilitation," Diagne said, according to which a large number of cable operators have become a producer, a breach of regulations that limits them to the role of distributing encrypted television channels.

"We met them and they are aware of the problems. They promised not to do anything after February," after the next presidential election, the former director of the Senegal Broadcasting Corporation (RTS) reported during a seminar that prepared local correspondents for the cover on the cover of these the elections are scheduled for February.

CNRA considers this type of distributor – so far "thousands" in different cities of the country – as a "big problem" for the regulatory body it manages.

Through their political platforms, these cable operators risk creating "imbalances" in the chances that are allocated to different candidates in the presidential election, by broadcasting a lot of time to those who pay them and nothing else, he warned.

In addition to the fact that they produce content, although it does "no", this TV supports "exposing our children" by offering them "unencrypted charm movies at 11 am".

For him, there is a false perception of the Senegalese who believe that images and lifestyles have been sent to them from the West through films and series that reflect these societies, or were followed by the inhabitants of these countries.

This is not the case, corrected by a former journalist graduate diplomat, who served as the ambassador of Senegal to the United States.

Some of these distributors use media programs without the right to do so, Diagne continued, as the state "was not cautious enough" about the issue of cable television.

"After February, we will cleanse the sector in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications," the CNRA president said, optimistic, given the availability of stakeholders.

Babacar Diagna, the recently-appointed CNRA chief, says "advising and preventing privilege" by sanctions.

According to him, it is a "transformation of authority" entrusted to "influence" in order to achieve the "big audiovisual sector" in Senegal.

"Our responsibilities are enormous (the media). We shape the conscience of our young people who will be our leaders tomorrow," he said.

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