Thursday , January 28 2021

Closes the James Harden trade, more than two ongoing franchises!

More than ever eager to leave the Rockets, James Harden posed a sort of ultimatum to his leaders with his latest media release. A few hours later, this Wednesday evening we learned that Houston is preparing to take action immediately, with more than two franchises underway.

The point of no return is definitely reached between the Rockets and James Harden. The latest loss to date against the Lakers doesn’t go to the Bearded Man, who believes the Texan workforce doesn’t have the weapons to try to win a title. So he wants to leave and press his leaders with his latest sensational outing in front of the media.

By fighting his own teammates, Harden knows he has certainly become an enemy. It’s finally time to leave, especially when we see John Wall’s inflammatory response on the eve. But where are the negotiations? Well, they are moving forward according to information from Shams Charania.

Not surprisingly, the Rockets press the accelerator to close the Harden box as quickly as possible. There is no doubt that the season will end in these conditions: the former MVP must change quickly. According to The Athletic reporter, the talks are about to know the end, as two franchises are in the running.

According to sources, the Rockets are reviewing the offers of two teams, the Nets and the 76ers, for a James Harden operation that could arrive quickly. It has been two months since he applied to be exchanged.

This trade is imminent, as according to the New York Post, the Rockets want to seal a deal from … today! The question now is: which of the Nets or 76ers will win the battle and at what price?

Because, even if Harden forces his hand, there is no doubt that leaders will lower their offer. They still expect generous consideration, and that’s good because The huge Brooklyn offer has been unveiled.

James Harden’s soap opera seems to be coming to an end. Given the Rockets ’current slaughter, it’s not too early.

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