Thursday , October 28 2021

Closures to the Turcot exchange: after the snow, the congestion


After a week of snowstorm, rain and ice, the drivers did not have a break during the weekend at the Turcot Exchange in Montreal. Its almost complete closure diverted most of the traffic to the local Montreal network, creating a congestion.

On Broadcasting on Sunday, it was reported that some people had to wait for congestion for two hours to access the center by Highway 20 the previous day, and it was recommended to avoid the exchange area at any price.

The main works, that is, the dismantling of a part of the old ramp that goes from the 20 freeway to the 15 north freeway, caused that the Ministry of Transport of Quebec (MTQ) close the ramp of Autoroute 15 South. Between the Atwater interchanger and the exit and the ramp of motorway 20 on the 15 south highway.

A part of the traffic was diverted by the 720 freeway, but there were also obstacles: in the west, access to highway 20 and highway 15 was simply impossible, while at # east, 720 Freeway was closed from the exit of Atwater Avenue to the entrance to the cathedral and the streets Notre Dame West.

"[Les grosses fermetures]He decides a lot of time in advance. We choose the best weekends, where there are fewer trips or people on the road, "says Mila Roy, MTQ spokeswoman.

"In general terms, things are going well, even if they are diversions, so that the paths are really longer. What is difficult with work is that we are constantly fighting with Mother Nature," he continues, adding that The difficult road conditions also affect the diversions.

In the small streets

Many of the cars on motorways 20 and 15 had to use the local network on Saturdays and Sundays, sometimes creating traffic on normally quiet roads.

At rue Rose-de-Lima, a quiet and unique street, cars swept the road to the queue next to cars parked near the communities. They went to St. Jacques Street, from where they could access Atwater Avenue.

At the intersections, police officers were present to steer the traffic and cross pedestrians, as the city said it was needed to facilitate traffic and guarantee the safety of users.

Other reefs to come

The Turcot exchange will cause other reefs in the coming weeks. From February 1 to 4, the ramp will be closed from Autopista 20 Oeste to Autopista 15 Sud and will announce other barriers for February 2 and 3.

Several street closures will also take effect from January 30 to February 18 in the Notre-Dame / Monk / Côte-Saint-Paul sector, near the recreation complex of Gadbois.

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