Saturday , October 16 2021

“Couclik” pauses everything: The New Tribune

On his Facebook page, Rose Yohou, an Ivorian presents herself as the wife of “Dj Sommet des Sommets”. Therefore, we find on this page messages of love addressed to this DJ who was revealed to the Beninese public for his atypical and funny style. In all likelihood, contact was made between “Couclik” and Rose Yohou via a WhatsApp video call. At least that’s what we read on the Ivorian’s official Facebook page. He thanked “Fréjus Adimi” for helping her get in touch with her “Dear”.

During the call, a capture was made and posted on their social media

After this video call, the Ivorian will say, still on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network, that Beninese people also fell in love with him. A few days later, he informed his followers that his “beloved” had sent him 200,000 CFA francs. In a post posted on his Facebook page a few hours ago, the Beninese DJ does not deny much of what Rose Yohou says on social media. Ambrose Agognon so-called marital status, he admits to having come into contact with the Ivorian. He also admits to having sent 200,000 CFA francs to the latter.

“After these posts on the networks, we had to accept that you contact us from here the video call
A few hours later we realized that during the call a capture was made and posted on their social media. Which I sadly regretted. I didn’t react. Just yesterday, directly, he says I sent him a sum of 200,000f. I publicly admit that this statement is true, but she did not need it. “
offended Ambroise Agognon. The Summit of Dj Summits deplores Rose Yohou’s attitude.

We suspend it absolutely from everything. Put a cross in this family affair ”

For him, it is inconceivable that he would post a snapshot of his conversation and then reveal his actions publicly. “Following these facts, we will suspend absolutely everything. Put a cross in this family affair ” said the social media star bluntly. Man is convinced that the best life is lived discreetly. which does not appear to be the case with Rose Yohou.

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