Friday , May 20 2022

Discover Ioussou Ndour's response to the competition


KSALIMANEVS: After the launch of the Mamoudou Ibra Kane and Co radio channel, the competition intensified between radio stations on the market, and especially between Rfm and E. Radios.

Very inspired, Ioussou Ndour, it is sure to attract a wider audience and amplify the audience that Rfm has still destroyed, paid for "heavy" equipment.

Indeed, the children's penetration of Medina, according to our colleagues from Dakarposta, made a step forward, giving you the latest equipment catimini.

Moreover, the tools were installed in a room that protected their waiting room, a time for technicians and other piss-copyers to learn to deal with the latest acquisitions at the same level as the largest European antennas or the US.

In short, "You", who also intends to launch other inventions, puts the package on top.

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