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Eiffage: Inauguration of the medical biology laboratory for the Nancy University Hospital and the Lorraine Cancer Institute (ICL)


7/16/2019 | 16:55

This operation follows the grouping of 16 laboratories scattered in the territory of Lorena of the medical biology of the University Hospital of Nancy and the biopathology of the Institute of cancer of Lorraine in the place of the hospitals of Brabois.

This new laboratory of 8,000 m² promotes technical, technological and functional efficiency. It brings together in a single place several specialties of pharmacology, medical biology and biopathology.
This achievement would have mobilized almost 200 partners with particularly significant technical facilities, including: 7 km of heating tubes, 2 refrigeration groups of 1200kW each, 11 air handling units, 1km of benches and 20 cold rooms positive and negative.

Its architectural concept, designed by Art & Build Architect, is based on a flower-shaped plan, with a distribution of all sectors around the same heart: the automated technical platform (PTA).
The samples, delivered by pneumatic network, are classified and sent to the areas dedicated to the analysis thanks to an automated robot. This robot, in charge of the group, moves autonomously, avoids possible obstacles, opens doors only through wireless links.
The perforated metal lining covers much of the facades.

In the continuity of the Courlancy polyclinic near Reims, this large-scale operation illustrates the experience of Eiffage in the creation of high technology healthcare centers. A sector that continues to use the know-how of the Group as it has just signed a CREM for the realization of the cancer and image institute of the University Hospital of Brest.

Personalities present at the ceremony:

  • Stéphane Hablot, mayor of Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy,

  • Christophe Lannelongue, CEO of ARS Grand-Est,

  • Gilles Dupont, regional director of Eiffage Construction Nord-Est,

  • Laurent HÉNART, chairman of the Supervisory Board, Nancy Mayor, former minister,

  • Bernard DUPONT, general director of the Nancy University Hospital,

  • Christian RABAUD, president of the Medical Committee of the Nancy University Hospital,

  • Éric FREYSSELINARD, chairman of the Board of Directors, prefect of Meurthe-et-Moselle

  • Thierry CONROY, general director of the Institute of Cancer of Lorraine,

  • Olivier RANGEARD, president of the Medical Commission of the Lorraine Cancer Institute.

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