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Expected cost increase for 2020 to support renewable energies


The French energy giant was estimated at 7,916 million euros by 2020 for the amount of loads that allowed public support for renewable energy sources to be included, an increase of 1.75% compared to the forecast for 2019.

This amount also represents an increase of 11% higher than that registered in 2018, says the Commission for Energy Regulation (CRE) in its deliberation published Tuesday.

these "Public service expenses for energy" (CSPE) are used to cover public service missions mainly provided by the EDF owner, including those related to the purchase at a discounted price of electricity from renewable sources and to the compensation of tariffs in overseas territories.

The expected amount for 2020 will be 65% support for renewable energy sources (33% for photovoltaics and 14% of wind power in mainland France).

21% will go to equal rates in non-interconnected areas (especially foreigners), 9% to support cogeneration (production of heat and electricity), 3% to support the injection of Biomethane to networks. of gas

According to the CRE, the increase of 11% is mainly due to the development of the metropolitan area of ​​lines of production of electricity from renewable energies and an increase in cogeneration of natural gas The average increase in prices for electricity and capacity growth, however, mitigates the increase in charges, adds CRE.

The Commission also mentions the annual duplication of the volume of biomethane injected, as well as the increase in additional costs of equalization in unconnected areas due to the commissioning of new renewable means of production and an increase in the prices of fossil fuels and CO2.

"These factors to the rise are partially offset by the decrease in expenses related to social devices", the CRE indicates, due to the substitution of two social tariffs for the energy check (which is not financed with the CSPE).

On the other hand, it is necessary to add the regularization of the positions advanced by FED in 2018 and 2019 and that has not yet been reimbursed by the State, as well as several updates. The CRE evaluates the amount of costs that will be offset by 2020 to 8,398 million euros.

It is up to the Parliament, according to the Finance Law, to determine what an effective amount this budget will be in charge of the state budget.

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