Monday , September 26 2022

Fadel Barro regrets the determination of the state in Khalifa Sall


The coordinator of the movement Y is sick, Fadel Barro is outraged by the progress of the Khalifa Sall affair. After being removed from office by presidential decree last August, the mayor of Dakar was removed from the National Assembly at the request of Justice Minister Ismaila Madior Fall.

"There is so much injustice in this case, Senegalese have a deep sense of injustice in this case, it is pathetic to see people in power, Macky Sall et al., How they behave with Khalifa Sall." Say in a video on your Facebook page.

"The one that hurts most to me in the case of Khalifa Sall is the behavior of what is left of the Socialist Party (Ps), Ousmane Tanor Dieng, how they can let this situation continue like this. I never imagined that a person could sacrifice To his colleagues, just to stay in power, have privileges, "he says.

For the coordinator of Yen a line, all this is "bad", which makes Khalifa Sall "strong."

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