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Five clues to improve the impact of animations


The booksellers gathered during the 5thi The national meetings of the bookstore in Marseille, have thought about the ways to reduce the cost of animations and improve their attractiveness for their clients.

The real preoccupation of the booksellers, the animations were at the center of the debates, with a plenary session and two workshops, that shake the national meetings of the bookstore, that take place in Marseilles on the 30th and 1st of July 2019.

At the end of the first day, the presentation of the study carried out by Ipsos and the first workshop, dedicated to the distribution of animation costs, already allow identifying five lines of thought to reinforce its impact with customers and improve them. its profitability.

  1. Reduce the name

"Less to do betterThis is undoubtedly the leitmotif on this subject, while the Instituto Ipsos study announces an average of 45 annual animations in bookshops, a figure that can reach over 100, such as La Galerne. In Le Havre, booksellers and publishers question this frequency. "What will you lose 20 years less"Amanda Spiegel is asked, who directs Folies de Encre in Montreuil and moderated the workshop that took place on Sunday afternoon."We will probably have to learn to be more selective"confirms Elodie Pajot, responsible for the commercial capsule of Liana Lévi, who has recalled the costs generated by travel and publishers and the time spent.

  1. Improve costs

Believing that they mainly carry entertainment-related expenses, bookkeepers also demand a fair distribution. Therefore, the publishers are offered remarkably on the communication or the expenses of the trip "Your investment is often too low when they do not flatly reject"says Fabrice Domingo de Terra Nova in Toulouse. There has also been a geolocation of the authors, especially to involve them"when I was on vacation, which would minimize the costs", observes Mathieu Simonet, author and director of the Société des gens de lettre (SGDL).

  1. Rethink help devices

"We are hoping that we will make animations, be cultural actors, I totally agree with this principle, otherwise I would not have become a librarian, but I would ask for help. Double role: trade and cultural action"says Amandine Barascut, creator of Oiseaux Livres in Saint-Yrieux-La-Perche Organizer of numerous workshops for youth, the bookseller decided to pay the authors that she invited, but recognizes that she is far from there Find financial means, claiming annual support for events.

  1. Reinvent the form

Although discussions are the most frequently organized events on the part of booksellers, it is probably not the most awaited way for customers. To add value, leave the book, propose other cultural fields, there are many ways to reinvent the concept. "Let's talk about the form of events, build them and, above all, return to the origin of our trades. We are all readers who like to share, let's see how, from this idea, we can make a figure", proposes Julien Delorme, commercial director of Edicions La Peuplade.

  1. Upload

Anxious to renew the format of his animations, Olivier Paulais, co-creator of the Virevolte de Lyon, replaced the traditional encounter with a meal taken in the middle of the bookshop in the company of authors and guest clients, to which he goes ask for the participation of 8 euros. Tested with the authors of the comic strip The revolt, the concept seduced everyone. "Guests have the feeling of having a special moment", remembers the bookseller, who will therefore renew the operation.

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