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FOJCOSEN launches consumer information awareness raising guide on economic patriotism – La Vie Senegalaise


The Senegalese Young Consumer Forum (FOJCOSEN) officially launched a consumer information guide yesterday, Friday, in Dakar. The meeting focused on national efforts to raise consumer awareness. There were several topics on the agenda related to energy, sanitation, health, transport, education, national economy, pollution, environment and others.

The president of the Senegalese Young Consumer Forum (FOJCOSEN) complained about the difficulties faced by the rural population, including high electricity bills. In this regard, he pleaded that this latter called on this population to use the voiofal counters as big cities.

The second point addressed to FOJCOSEN, the issue of water management in Senegal. The administrative and financial officer of the Senegal Youth Consumer Forum has solemnly asked President Mackie Sall to cancel the water leasing contract that was awarded to SUEZ until the February 24, 2019 presidential election.

For Seidou Guisse, given the current context with the discussions about the doubts arising from the award of this Suezu contract, it is incomprehensible that the SDE is largely managed by Senegalese and who has responded to the technical and financial offers is not detained. Senegalese Des Eauk has proposed an offer with available water prices in comparison with Suez and Veolia. As a consumer association, Fojcosen wants to renew the SDE for water management in the urban areas of Senegal.

Seidina Mame Alassane Laie Sov pointed out that the consumer information guide is a platform that has enabled young people to better understand economic patriotism in order to try to promote the national economy. It will also go to meet people to use them with what's happening in the world. This guide will be published weekly or monthly.

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