Monday , May 16 2022

Gamou de Médina Baye: 326 people arrested for various crimes


Kaolack, Oct. 15 (APS) – Three hundred and twenty-six people were arrested for various crimes as part of operations to secure the 2021 edition of the Medina Gamou (Kaolack, center), the source said .

” Three hundred and twenty-six individuals were arrested in the context of securing the Medina Baye gamou for various crimes, which are: (…) street fighting, assault, theft, robbery and need to ‘investigation,’ ‘Kaolack central commissioner Balla Kébé’s interim chief revealed.

He was speaking on the sidelines of a press conference, in the presence of the commander of the Kaolack Task Force and the commander of the Kaolack Urban Corps.

He reported on this occasion that “97 vehicles and 18 motorcycles were immobilized for traffic offenses.”

“These are the security operations initiated since September by the Kaolack central police station, reinforced by the Kaolack task force,” explained Commissioner Balla Kébé, also head of the regional public security service.

He stressed that, in the perspective of the gamou, “an advanced police station was set up in Medina Baye with a precursor detachment of 30 elements.”

“For Medina Baye’s real gamou, he declares, the security system will be 800 police officers made up of uniformed elements and items of civilian clothing, in particular elements of the Judicial Department.”

This year, in Medina Baye, the system will be strengthened and made more resilient. Last year we deployed 600 police officers. And, this year, the number of police officers who will participate in the device for the security coverage of the Medina Baye gamou, 2021 edition, will be 800 police officers, ”he said. According to Commissioner Balla Kébé, “this device (…) will be updated over time. It will be about taking care of security needs before, during and after the game.”

” Twenty operational vehicles from the units of the regional public security service and the GMI [Groupement mobile d’intervention] have been implemented in this system. And, this year, the JER made available to us two VIDs to support the organizers of the gamou and facilitate the supply of water “, he announced.

For the Medina Baye gamou, “a traffic regulation device with 150 elements of the urban body” is planned. “This regulatory mechanism will be provided by the regional public security service and will be extended to other Kaolack religious homes,” he said.

“This year there will be technical surveillance in Kaolack with 37 active video surveillance cameras and two drones will be hired for security coverage,” Commissioner Kébé added. He recalled that the video surveillance room will be managed by 15 elements of the national police.

He explained that “this video surveillance will allow to manage the traffic system during the gamou”.

He promises that “this security device will be maintained after the gamou to facilitate the return of pilgrims,” ​​before being “sensitive” during the “gamouwat.”

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