Thursday , January 28 2021

Grey’s Anatomy Season 17: Here’s proof that Teddy is no worse than Derek, Alex and the others

Teddy takes it all in the face of season 17 of Gray’s Anatomy, but is he really deserved?

A few days later we returned to this character who has the most unfair treatment of the 17 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, in our opinion, of course, this time we talk about another character who does not live up to his popularity: Teddy Altman. As fans know, the surgeon is going through a difficult look after cheating on Owen and Tom, and several characters made it clear which side they are on. If we don’t defend Teddy’s infidelities in any way, we believe the writers still treat her in a particularly cruel way, to the point of turning her into an ultra annoying character for fans.

Teddy and Owen
Teddy and Owen – Credit (s): abc

Still, Teddy is far from the first to cheat on his partner and so some fans hate him, wondering if they have reserved the same fate for Alex who cheated on Izzie, Derek cheated on Addison, George who cheated cheating Callie, Arizona, cheating Callie, and so on. Yes, even if the writers are there to play the narrative, Teddy’s actions aren’t as hateful as some of the other characters ’actions, however, is clearly the one that is now in the eyes of fans. Since Grey’s Anatomy is known to write complex characters, hopefully that will change in the next few episodes.

Teddy and Allison
Teddy and Allison – Credit (s): abc

While it’s clear that Teddy is to blame for all of this, that he should have told Owen the truth about Allison and that he shouldn’t have cheated on her with Tom, the deception is full. Grey’s Anatomy. On the other hand, it seems clear that Teddy has feelings for both Tom and Owen, which raises the often raised question of the chances of being in love with several people at once. In short, once again Teddy’s infidelities are not excusable, but they are if we had to classify the characters from more to less moral, it would certainly not end at the end of the scale … Waiting to find out what the sequel had in store for him, we wondered if Derek, Mark, Addison and Teddy could have already crossed paths in New York long before season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy.

Credit: ABC

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