Monday , October 18 2021

IMF on the issue of 94 billion: "Justice will do its job" •


The Justice Minister, Ismaila Madior Fall, is involved and gives her opinion on this case that pollutes the political space. "We must not politicize this issue in this electoral context. We have to be very careful in the political context and not mix justice with politics. In this electoral context, justice should not be too involved in Issues with a strong political dimension. He is a candidate who has empowered the prosecutor and is doing his job paying attention, "he said, in the Objection program of South Fm. For the Justice Minister, "people are instrumentalizing, exaggerating, accusing each other. But, at this time, there is nothing important to justice. For the case known as 94 billion francs CFA, he promises that Justice will do its job. "The necessary investigations will be made," ensuring that there will be a law of justice. We should not predict the time of justice that is different from the moment of the election campaign, "he said.

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