Thursday , July 7 2022

In kafrina, seeds and fertilizers were distributed "on time".


Kaffrine, July 9 (APS) – Economic operators who put seeds, fertilizers and agricultural equipment available to farmers in the Kaffrine region (center) did it "in time" and "in very good conditions," said Tuesday the spokesman of the National Monitoring Committee of the agricultural campaign, Aliou Dia.

"At Kaffrine, the work was done as recommended (…) Operators took their role in bringing seeds and inputs on time and in very good conditions," said Dia. .

A mission formed by representatives of the agriculture minister's office, employees of the Agriculture Directorate and farmers' organizations, visited agricultural storage and equipment stores at the Kaffrine region.

Under the leadership of Aliou Dia, they went to Ndiognick (Birekelane department), Missira Wadene (Koungheul department) and Kahi (Kaffrine department).

& # 39; & # 39; Where did we go, [les agriculteurs] He reported that (…) seeds and fertilizers arrived on time in the Kaffrine area. There has been no failure, "Day told reporters.

During the visit of the delegation led by Aliou Dia, farmers were glad to receive 75,000 tonnes of peanut seeds and agricultural equipment this year.

But they want to increase the amount of fertilizer for the region.

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