Sunday , September 26 2021

“It is God who decides everything! Everything that happens is of his will … Price, pray! “

It was at the head of a delegation that the Minister of the Interior received instructions from the President of the Republic in Touba to meet with the Caliph General of the Mourides. Antoine Diome, accompanied by Minister Dame Diop and Minister Serigne Abdou Lahad Mbacké Gaïndé, among others, was in charge of presenting the condolences of the Head of State after the reminder to God of Serigne Abdoulahi Mbacké Yallay Burr, and Serigne Moustapha Mbacké, Caliph of Serigne Massamba.

In the face of the patriarch Darou Miname, the Interior Minister will also choose to evoke the rise of the Covid-19 cases and the timid beginning of winter. In his response, the religious leader will invite Senegalese to thank God and pray to Him.

“God decides everything. Everything that happens is of his will! We are his slaves and we have a duty to contact him. Let’s pray! Whenever events like this happen, human beings have only one thing to do: get closer to him “, he will say substantially …

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