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Jade roller, beauty trend on Instagram, has real benefits?


BEAUTY: bloggers and celebrities do not go. In recent months, jade roll has invaded social networks, including Instagram. This beauty accessory, made of semiprecious stones, allows for a facial massage, as you can see in the previous video. It is a product that sometimes uses the Chinese tradition for high society women for centuries.

Next, the jade stone was used to treat stones (gallbladder and kidneys), to reduce fever or to control certain emotions. The benefits of the stone are combined with the mechanical aspect of the roller. Internal movement towards the outside helps to reactivate blood circulation, erase bags under your eyes or tone and relax. "It's almost a time of meditation. We find ourselves alone in their bath and we will take 5 minutes for ourselves," details the litotherapist Laurène Baldassara in HuffPost.

The jade roll can be used in different ways. Placed before cold, it helps to activate blood circulation better. It undoubtedly has effects on the skin of the face, but also on other parts of the body like scars or elsewhere. Laurille Baldassara recommends, for example, to allow her to immerse herself in her cream jar all night long so that the material permeates the stone. "The roll can be transformed into many different tools to work with stone", concludes the lithotherapist.

Pink quartz rolls but not in jade?

How to know if the roll is an authentic jade stone? On February 25 on Twitter, Emmanuelle from the blog "Janis in Sucre" published a video where he unpacked a box with a jade roll. The product, sent by a French company, came directly from the Chinese market. Aliexpress bought a few euros. "Jade work is complex and costly. Almost all of the rolls sold are not jade. If it were, it would cost several thousand euros. Most times the rolls are streamlined reconstituted," explains Jean-Marc Triboulet, physician of traditional Chinese medicine.

Several places also offer rolls made with other stones. They decline the product in pink quartz or amethyst. These minerals do not have the same virtues. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the first ones would release sadness and balance the emotions of the heart. As for the second, it would have effects on the nervous system and will bring a lot of calm.

If jade rollers are not designed in the royal stone, Jean-Marc Triboulet still wants to reassure him. "The roller allows in a massage this smooth, cold and subtle passage. The benefits will be without a doubt much more of this moment and of this delicacy."

Unfortunately, apart from buying in "serious" places, these two specialists did not give us any advice to not end up with a plastic product.

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