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KAOLACK: Macki points to the demons of the division that undermines his party


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Kaolack's stage was particularly crucial for the head of state who would notice that the demons of the division had completed their party at the level of the capital, Salumas. So, without wearing gloves, he informed city officials.

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Having noticed the absence of several leaders at his reception, and especially the internal quarrels that sank his party at the site, the boss and the state wanted to put some points on some "i". Therefore, he immediately said that his words were exclusively intended for a part of the local political class, thereby making his indictment respected by the religious who was present at the meeting. He will be so sorry that he will notice that many leaders, especially among the ladies (although sitting in a room next to each other like big friends) pretend to live in peace and harmony when it comes to visiting Kaolack, while in daily life they maintain disgusting relationships. Worse, President Mackey Sall allows them to know that he is aware of the beating they are exchanging. Crou-en-leg that goes so far as to harm the people he chose to perform well-defined political tasks. A very aggressive speech by President Sall who may have wanted to make an impression. He did not forget to invite those politicians to recover quickly if they want better results than those recorded in past elections. Moreover, the meeting knew from the very beginning that it was withdrawing first. Indeed, lifting the floor, Djibi Kalidou Niang, the mayor of Sibassora, wanted to accuse Dien Farba Sarr of stopping the party in Kaolack. What young Ousmane Noel Dieng will not want to miss. This way he will treat the other … His big word (that Dakaract will not reflect here) is his expulsion from the room for the militarization of the room.


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