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Last tribute to OTD in the spotlight


Dakar, July 18 (APS): Newspapers arrived at APS on Thursday to reflect on the national tribute received by the president of the Superior Council of Territorial Authorities (HCCT), Ousmane Tanor Dieng, buried the day Prior to Nguéniène, municipality of the department of Mbour of which he was the mayor.

"Tanor will always be in our hearts," says the Le Soleil national newspaper, echoing one of the statements of President Macky Sall on the occasion of this national homage before the burial of the deceased Secretary General of the Socialist Party.

"A huge crowd accompanied the deceased to his last home," says Le Soleil, and pointed out that one of the ministerial spheres built at Diamniadio will be called Ousmane Tanor Dieng.

"The human tide to Nguéniène to the burial," says the Testimony of his own. "Ousmane Tanor Dieng was buried yesterday at 19:30 in the family room after a busy day," the newspaper reports.

He added: "The old mayor of Nguéniène was accompanied in his last house by all the components of the Senegalese nation, with President Macky Sall at the head, in the presence of his counterpart Ibien Ibrahim Boubacar Keita.

The latter "wanted to make the trip to honor the one who was affectionately called" the man of Nguéniène +, "Le Témoin writes daily.

"Friends, allies and opponents of the funeral," says the newspaper L & # 39; As. "Tanor immortalized" says that it refers, in particular, to the rise of the deceased to the dignity of the Great Officer of the Order. National lion

"After 23 years of intense political life with the Socialist Party (PS), Ousmane Tanor Dieng leaned on Monday" in France, after an illness, at the age of 72. His "burial in Nguéniene again proved yesterday the ability of the Senegalese political class to be in difficult times," says L & # 39; As.

According to the newspaper, "the remains of Ousmane Tanor Dieng gathered allies, former colleagues at war, opponents and enemies + +, etc.". "Ultimate Honors", head of daily research, "Tanor forever in collective memory", Kritik's poster.

Vox Populi retains "the powerful funeral prayer of the president of the Republic at the reception of the body", on the occasion of "the last tribute of the nation to tenor."

"The farewell party and the country" is shown on the cover of the newspaper The Observer. "Macky (Sall) cites as an example his ethics," informs South Quotidien, who shows "The Walfquididian tribute speaks of a" trip without return, "citing President Sall, who says he is" annoyed by the death of Tanor ".

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