Saturday , April 17 2021

Madické Niang joined the Karimists and an important part of the base of the PDS

More support and meeting for the candidate of the Madické 2019 Coalition. The basis of the PDS shows special attention to candidate Me Madické Niang and the approaches to the eve of the start of the election campaign become inevitable.

The board member of PDN, Guédiawaye, to the person of Rokhaya Diouf, joined Jo Madické Niang in the face of the presidential elections. This PDS first-time activist joins Madické's 2019 candidate with all his base.

At the same time, a karimist of the first hour, the coordinator of the Karimist movement in Guédiawaye, Djadji Ngom, is inflicted on the ranks of Madické Niang.

At a time when all partnerships with Idrissa Seck were established at the top of the PDS, Madické Niang, for his part, has regained the party's natural electoral base. A base that can change the game of the first round and that could lead the candidate to the second round.

As a prelude to these meetings, the Madické Niang family was received this afternoon at the Madické 2019. It was a message of unremovable support: "You are not alone in the fight, your ambition is ours. Thank you very much for giving us this hearing. "

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