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Manipulation and experimentation kits to introduce your children to science.

How can you best help your children learn? This is the question all parents ask. Pandacraft’s response can be summed up in two words: manipulation and experimentation. Two concepts that are also the center of science. Futura has tried you.

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“When the child appropriates things before depositing them in memory, what is taken out of them is his”, said Jean-Jacques Rousseau. It was in the 18th centurye century. But already manipulation and experimentation seemed essential to the education of the youngest. Today the point of view of experts has not changed. It may have only been enriched with some neuroscientific data. Because since then researchers have told us how each experience creates new connections to the brain.

On the part of Futura, we know that manipulation and experimentation are of the very nature of science. That allow him to build himself, based on questions and research. So when Pandacraft asked us to provide two of their kits for kids, we didn’t hesitate. It is curious to discover the effects.

The solar system, a world to live in

Alexis, our first little tester, is a big consumer of video games. As you approach your 7e birthday, just talk about this console you dream of. But that afternoon he only had to discover, lying on the dining room table, the Pandacraft kit dedicated to the Solar System to arouse his curiosity. Lana, her 12-year-old older sister, is like so many preteens – very worried about her phone. And that test seemed like an opportunity to get her out of the bubble. Rediscover the pleasure of sharing moments of complicity with your little brother and father.

A short read, first, to discover the Solar System, its planets and some of its characteristics thanks to the Pandacraft magazine of the Explore range. Enough to awaken the desire to do. The desire to build, planet after planet, your own little solar system. And here are the little hands that are thrown. Those of the father, experienced. Those of the Wool, confident. Those of Alexis, more prudent, but very quickly guided and reassured by the older sister’s benevolent advice. Encouraged by his father’s warm look. Therefore, it is the explosion of the senses. Fingers that touch and then knead the plasticine. Noses that smell. Eyes that celebrate these colors, first pure and then mixed.

Finally, a solar system until then a simple and very abstract concept in the mind of little Alexis, but which suddenly takes on a much more real form. The opportunity to experience the differences in size or composition of all these small planets. The pride of a duty fulfilled in addition.

Adventure next to the volcanoes

When it comes time to discover the Pandacraft kit from the Makers range, Alexis has no hesitation in letting her older sister enjoy it on her own. Forgot, video games! He also wants to dive into the crater of a volcano. First a little vocabulary. History to make sure everyone visualizes the structure of these rather particular mountains. And a quick introduction to the profession of volcanologist. But to experiment with Pandacraft, you don’t need a helmet or a suit. Just a little water, flour and soap added to the citric acid and baking soda provided. Ingredients for handling … without too many precautions.

In the program, three different types of eruptions. Enthusiasm when preparing the explosive recipe. Excitement just before the final mix. I wonder when the volcano finally spits out its lava. With a Wool always ready to guide and support your little brother when mixing the different elements and then determine the type of triggered eruption. And a father who immortalizes the moment in the video. A fantastic way to perceive with your senses that not all volcanoes are expressed the same way … a bit like little brothers and big sisters!

Summary of this afternoon of experimentation and manipulation: some nice scientific discoveries thanks to the richness of strings pulled by Pandacraft kits. But also many beautiful memories for the whole family. Not to mention the desire to learn a little more about the planets and volcanoes.

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Article prepared in collaboration with Pandacraft teams

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