Friday , August 12 2022

Me Lamine Gueie "always worked to make Senegal a dignified and respected country" (PM)


Dakar, November 13 (APS) – Former National Assembly Speaker Me Lamine Guee has consistently fought to make Senegal a "dignified and respected country," Prime Minister Mahmoud Boun Abdallah Dionne said on Tuesday. describing him as "the man who wants to know" and who has the "taste of travel".

The head of the Senegalese government spoke at the opening of an international symposium dedicated to the life and work of Me Lamine Gueie, who died in June 1968 at the age of 77.

The prime minister says "he accepted to preside

work dedicated to a man who has worked throughout his entire life to make his dear Senegal a dignified and respected country.

Lamine Gueie, declared the prime minister, "did not just work for her country." According to him, "as he said, he carried a calm wind elsewhere, dedicated every moment of his life to works of the mind, constant learning and movement without counting from country to country."

"The desire to honor the memory of the famous missing persons gives us the opportunity to highlight the many aspects of his itinerary and maintain his legacy," he said.

"It's hard to recall, on the path of Lamine Guei, something other than the one destined for the functions that set him at the helm of the nation on the Emergency Calendar […]"he said.

For president of the association Boubacar Hann, "Lamine Gueie has passed all the professional ranks: teacher, mathematics professor, magistrate, defense attorney (…)".

"This eminent Democrats have enriched the incomparable ethics and the spirit of transcendence that is always present when it comes to the interest of the nation, does it not deserve our recognition?" He began.

An international symposium dedicated to the life and work of politicians Lamine Gueie will be held in Dakar by Wednesday and will focus on the theme: Master Lamine Gueie, a pan-African route.

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