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Michel Legrand disappears / You see it, Michel, I have not forgotten anything: ciaovivalicultura

No, I have not forgotten anything: you are not just the composer of " We are twin sisters… "Well. Since we are cinema, we stayed there for a moment.
No, I did not forget anything: this, of course, the change of the 1960's and the appearance of the New Wave will definitely take you to the world of movie music. But we know that you are made up of Agnès Varda ( Cleo from 5 to 7 at 1962), for Jean-Luc Godard (A woman is one woman In 1961, Live your life in 1962 i Separate in 1964) by Joseph Losey (The Messenger in 1970)?
No, I have not forgotten anything: with Jacques Demy (lola In 1961, The umbrellas of Cherbourg In 1964, the maidens of Rochefort in 1967 i Donkey skin in 1970) invite you to the musical in the French way. like this The umbrellas of Cherbourg It is a continuously sung movie where all the dialogues inspire the music, which was innovative at that time. You can almost say that the spoken dialogues are in reciprocity with singing is a form of spoken-singing, a way to interpret a text vocally, halfway between the song and the spoken language. Talked which is a form of sprechgesang, song style declared and modulated according to the intonations of the speech, used by the composers of the Vienna school (beginning of xxi century).
No, I did not forget anything: this, in 1966, was nominated for the Oscar for his work the Cherbourg umbrellas. This, in 1968, makes the soundtrack of The Thomas Crown case and especially the song The windmills of your mind (The mills of my heart) For what will be awarded the next year, Oscar for the best original song.
No, I have not forgotten anything: two years later, you get the best movie for A summer 42 (1971). That between 1971 and 1975 he nominated twenty-four times for the Grammy Awards and five wins. That you get a third Oscar Yentl by Barbra Streisand in 1983. This, the same year, composes the soundtrack of Not anymore by Irvin Kershner, Ultimate James Bond with Sean Connery.
No, I have not forgotten anything: that your music for the cinema could be baroque (chamber music for two pianos for The Messenger), romantic or popular waltzes, be-bop, or even Latin percussion and gypsy violins, and even pop and romance music for crooners. With the principle of never sacrificing the melody. As you said: This music brings the listening to everywhere, since it takes me. As always, he pushed me away.
In 1954, at the request of the American firm Columbia, they offer jazz-based re-readings of French songs. the album I love Paris It is a great success (8 million copies sold); Your recognition is international. Influenced by American director Stan Kenton, he leads a short jazzman career as a leader: Holidays in Rome in 1955, Michel Legrand Cole Porter Plays In 1957, Legrand at Rio in 1958. A Legrand Jazz, recorded in New York in 1958 with Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Bill Evans, becoming one of the first Europeans to work with the masters of modern jazz. In 1964, he reserved, however, an album became a cult, Archi-ropes, original themes of twists, twists or surf music surrounded by a strident and aggressive waterfall.
No, I have not forgotten anything: this, increasingly tempted by the infidelities of the seventh art, is thrown in the sixties with the writer Didier van Cauwelaert in the musical scene. This will give the opera-bouffe in 1997 The Wall Pass then, in 2014, a "Popular Opera", Dreyfus. For John Neumeier, director of the Hamburg Ballet, you will compose the music of Liliom (2011).
No, I have not forgotten anything: to publish the first volume of your Memoirs, Nothing is serious triple (Le Cherche Midi), co-written with Stéphane Lerouge, specialist in film music, where you speak freely and not chronologically about your training, your encounters, your choice of course, your taste for music in the plural .

Poster, Cléo from 5 to 7

No, I have not forgotten anything: on September 16, 2014, at the age of 82, he married actress Macha Méril, with whom he had already had an adventure forty years ago, a link that Macha Méril said it was purely platonic.
No, I have not forgotten anything: in recent years, we saw mostly in the company of the soprano Natalie Dessay, with whom you published the album Between her and him (2013), collection of the most famous songs. The agreement was extended in 2017 with Between yesterday and tomorrow, «Oratory for a voice and symphony orchestra "
No, I have not forgotten anything: you have composed in more than two hundred music for cinema and television.

We are twin sisters/ Born under the sign of Gemini / Mig-Ground, Mid-Ground, Ground-Ground, D / Both maids / Bearing lots of time / Mid-Ground, Mid-Ground, Ground-ground

You see, Michel, I have not forgotten anything

Jacques Barbarin

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