Sunday , October 2 2022

"my candidate is Khalifa Sall"


The RFM guest, Friday morning, the mayor of Patte de Oie, Band Diop claimed that his Senegalese presidential candidate on February 24, 2019 is Khalifa Sall, while suspecting that the relatives of L & # 40; ex-mayor of Dakar, to be with the power in your place.

"My candidate is Khalifa Sall, if your application is not validated, I will do an analysis to see who I will support," said Band Diop, who revealed that he was not attending a meeting. of Taxawu Senegal "since last September".

Diop called for the first time to be patient about the candidacy of Khalifa Sall because its members of the coalition filed a lawsuit after the Constitutional Council invalidated its candidacy on the provisional list published last Monday.

Revoked from his post as mayor of Dakar last August by President Macky Sall, Khalifa Sall was removed from the National Assembly after the Justice Minister sent a letter to the president of the institution Thursday at night.

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